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      Railway Traffic AFC System

      Brief Introduction:
      The ACC System is in the core of Railway Traffic system. The main function of ACCS is to be in charge of network income clearing and center network management. It is a very important system. The direction of the ACC System construction dictates the direction of the whole network AFC System’s construction (this includes the standard, core business, security, data etc).

      Major Function:

      1. Data clearing center: ACC is the only data clearing center for the whole city rail traffic network (all lines). It is also the only data clearing center that have access to other company (one-card-pass company, the bank clearing system, Mobile Corporation and other third party systems).
      2. Data management center: ACC is the only center of data collection and processing for all lines of urban rail transit.
      3. Operations management center: ACC is the only center of all lines in the city rail transportation of various operation parameters of unified and coordinated management and monitoring the running state.
      4. Ticket management center: ACC is all lines of city rail traffic ticket purchasing, distribution, allocation, cleaning, destruction, to ensure the safety and the use of the ticket management center.
      5. Safety management center: ACC is the only center to verify the data security of all lines of city rail transit.
      6. Technical service center: ACC is the main window of the urban rail transit and the access center of the three party system (such as one card, the settlement bank, etc).


      Operation Interface:

      Technology Innovation:


      1. Development of innovative transfer passenger flow distribution technology, solving the key problems in the city-line network’s Railway Traffic Clearing system.
      2. Clearing agreement within the specified time, all covering rail transportation revenue data. Achieves the benefits of an accurate and complete distribution, realizes no precipitation funds target.
      3. Via innovative develop route estimation techniques, this solves the current income distribution system of passenger travel path estimation problem. Accurately organizes the network sorting requirements.
      4. Innovative development of massive data processing technology, provides a set of memory database and physical database recovery and synchronization technology, in order to ensure the data validity and integrity.
      5. Innovative development of dynamic data loading technology, in order to achieve the target of 365-days stable system operation without interruption.


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