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      Scenic area AFC System

      Brief Introduction:
      Scenic ticket integration is based on the rapid development of electronic computer technology. Combining network technology with the existing management system, with a high degree of application integration platform as the connection point. Using the integration of a variety of tourism resources, it offers uniform two-dimensional code tickets-selling; optimizes management process, unifies ticket management, convenient tourist consumption, improves enterprise working efficiency, maximizes the total benefits of the company.

      Major Function:

      1. Scenic fare collection and ticket checking point information management.
      2. Guide information management.
      3. Management of seasonal information.
      4. 3-season ticket allocation rule.
      5. Sailing items management information.
      6. AFC equipment configuration rule.
      7. Query settlement.

      Technical Feature:

      1. This system setting can flexibly adjust according to the actual need for a corresponding fare rules.
      2. This system uses the natural day to manage the income, fitting real-time scenic spot settlement process.
      3. This system uses the standard three-tier-structure, making it easy to expand the function point.


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