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      Railway Traffic Data Clearing (ACC)System

      Brief Introduction:
      AFC system is the window of social railway traffic service; it is also the source of operational income data analysis. The main goal of this system is: solving the problem of fare collection automation; providing more flexible fare collection method; providing multiple Operators for metro line’s daily operations; perform the main function of ticket service management and income management. Constantly improving the cost, service and quality for the corporation operation.

      Major Function:

      Line-based control center: (1) Right management: the access rights of all system users.
      (2) Data collection and storage: operation data and trade data.
      (3) Ticket initializing and warehouse management.
      (4) Ticket service management: ticket service flow management, ticket price strategy, Real-time ticket using monitoring, ticket blacklist.
      (5) Operation management: device register, parameter management, device control and device repair (maintain center).
      (6) Income management: accounting statistics, trade data checking and abnormal trade data analyse.
      (7) Operation analyse: card, passenger flow, finance statistics and analysing.
      (8) Outside information exchange: ACC, "one card pass” company and bank, etc.
      Station-based control center: (1) Data collection and storage: operation data and trade data.
      (2) Ticket service management: conductor balance report, ticket and cash management.
      (3) Operation management: device monitor, device control.
      (4) Device maintain: daily device maintaining.
      Special-purpose device: (1) Can be worded isolated, offline daily operation.
      (2) Handle specific business goal.
      (3) Data exchange for Superior layer (line center, station center).
      (4) Data storage.
      (5) Major device: Token Initialization machine, Ticket Vending Machine, Booking Office Machine, Automatic Gate Machine, Add Value Machine, Portable Card Analyzer.

      Operation Interface:

      Technology Innovation:

        1. E-payment railway.
      2. Develop a standard AFC equipment within the general hardware control platform, it is easy to customize according to the different functional requirements of the flexible development of new equipment. Improve the level of equipment standardization in order to reduce the cost of after-sales maintenance.
      3. Develop a set of SOA based AFC system software development platform, it can be based on different business deployment. Interface requires flexible custom development.
      4. Developed within the use of ARM9 system that can be compatible with the ISO 14443 TYPEA/B to read and write non contact IC card and FELICA SONY contactless IC card reader of contactless IC card reader.
      5. China’s first company to achieve the use of bank's financial IC card standard to support the application of UnionPay payment platform in the railway traffic industry.

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