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      City Smart Card System

      Brief Introduction:
      The aim is to improve the efficiency of urban transport operations; convenient public travel; reduce the cost of operating companies for the purpose of planning and construction of the system. It involves the use of contactless smart card for ticket carrying. With the use of computer and all kinds of electronic toll terminal as the core business, taking the local area network and the remote network as the business support. It centralizes card issuing management and key management while also centralized billing; statistics; summary; forecast; decision-making analysis; central clearing and other services. It creates the whole process of electronic, automation and network integrated management for one passenger holding onto a non-contact smart card. It can be used in a variety of transportation platforms, low-value-consumption, vehicle parking and toll road consumption. The Project’s technical level is at the top of the industry in China.

      Major Function:

      This system can realize the business card printing, stored value, consumption, settlement, audit, business statistics and related business management such as a set of business processes and management.

      Technical Feature:

      1. Multi-layers of the whole system.
      2. Automatic and manual processing combination.
      3. Multi operation interface.
      4. Networking data collection, system and terminal equipment, flexible setting, tight monitoring.
      5. The real-time traffic data provides complete and accurate analysis of the data. Makes prediction of future traffic; provide a scientific basis for the rational management of operating lines and vehicles; fully extending the potential of operation; significantly reduces operating costs.
      6. By adopting the modular structure, the system capacity and the performance have the development leeway. The standard interface and the control program are adopted in each subsystem, which can be extended and upgraded according to the long-term planning of the urban public transportation.


      Network Topology:

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